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Rodstarz Brand History

In 2012, Rodstarz Fast Food was started by Roddy Nguyen and Patrick Q. in Vung Tau Vietnam. Roddy was originally born in Vietnam and lived in Los Angeles while Patrick was born in the US and grew up in Los Angeles.  The two came from humble beginnings and have overcome many challenges throughout their lives.  With their ideas and drive for success Rodstarz has grown to be a popular brand for providing affordable quick service food. Hard work, perseverance, and patience have helped in Rodstarz success.

During the first year of the company, we believed there was a growing demand for quick service western food by school children.  Rodstarz fast food sold its food products through carts around surrounding schools in Vung Tau Vietnam.  Food was served in the morning hours of Monday-Saturday throughout the school year to students.  During this time our carts served meals of spaghetti, chicken burritos, and chicken burgers that included drinks.  It was during this time that we were selling to students and busy on-the-go parents who needed to find breakfast for their young children.

As Rodstarz Fast Food’s popularity grew, the demand for a restaurant became apparent.  In 2012 of November, the company opened its first restaurant located at 30 Quang Trung, Vung Tau Vietnam.  The menu expanded to serve fried chicken, popcorn chicken, hot dogs on a stick, french fries, bulgogi burgers, hot dog burgers, beef stir fry, and rice dishes in addition to our starting three dishes. During the course of the year, recipes to many of our dishes were being perfected.

The brand became well known through word of mouth and diligent advertising throughout the city.  Our fried chicken as well as our other dishes became a hit with everyone who had a taste.


Since the demand for another location was growing.  Rodstarz Fast Food Restaurant opened a new location at 244 Thong Nhat, Vung Tau Vietnam in April 2014.  The restaurant added a soda fountain to deliver fresh drinks and a soft serve ice cream machine for tasty frozen treats.  With style and trendiness in mind, the restaurant was designed to be a hip place for everyone to dine at.  By this time, the menu expanded further to include shrimp burgers, fried shrimp balls, fried squid rings, beef burgers, fried chicken burgers, and more rice dishes.

Rodstarz Fast Food is continuing to grow and expand.  Our menu items offer a fusion of Western and Asian flavors that anyone would enjoy eating.  We will continue offering amazing products so everyone in Vietnam can enjoy.



244 Thong Nhat Moi

P.8, Vung Tau

Ba Ria - Vung Tau




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